Ramiro Cervantes is an award winning photographer specializing in weddings. Unlike other photographers, Ramiro Cervantes has a unique, contemporary style designed to stand the “test of time”. Born into the photography profession, Ramiro developed the love and obsession for mastering photography at a very young age. His unwavering passion and dedicated discipline over the years to mastering his photography style has resulted in consistent, stunning results for his clients, year after year.


Couples can expect magnificent results as a result of Ramiro’s expertise. Many important factors are considered and carefully calculated quickly and efficiently when photographing including framing, composition, posing, lighting, and attention to detail in photo post-production. All of these elements combined is his recipe for superior, consistent imagery.


Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in your life. The day moves quickly. It is imperative to hire an experienced photography team to capture the key moments of this day. Prior to your wedding day, you can expect a detailed plan for the day to ensure that no photographic opportunities go amiss. On the day of the wedding, Ramiro Cervantes and his team of assistants will guide you and focus on capturing the essence of your special moments. Ramiro directs his team to execute precise technical details necessary to ensure superior photography. This allows Ramiro to focus directly on you without wasting precious time making equipment adjustments.


You will be beyond impressed by Ramiro’s expert vision and finesse.  Whether you are looking for modern, contemporary, classic photography – or even a combination of all three, the Ramiro Cervantes Team is guaranteed to capture and deliver an unbelievable representation of your wedding memories.


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