Training Testimonials
"Ramiro is a very talented and knowledgeable photographer who taught me a lot about lighting and composition. For more than a year he mentored me and I wouldn't be at the level that I am at had it not been for his awesome teachings. I've had the opportunity to not only attend his workshops but also had one-on-one classes with him and the skills I have gathered through his teachings are priceless. I highly recommend him if you are looking to get your lighting and photography to the next level. I want to thank Ramiro for the incredible knowledge of lighting that I now have. He is truly a master!"
Christine Diaz ~ Professional Photographer - Monterey, California
"In the world of professional photography, if you want to learn and take the challenge on your own, it is admirable, but the result will be a longer and a more complex road. Mentors are a critical component to successfully unraveling the rules of photography. Instructor and Professional Photographer Ramiro Cervantes is my inspiration, my personal guide and my mentor who is paving the way to a shorter road to success. His focused and personalized method of teaching have helped me navigate through a clearer understanding of lighting and posing techniques which have led to my better understanding the rules of photography.  The results of these mentoring sessions have led me to successfully create images that have launched my photography skills to a higher level. Now, when submitting images for competition, I feel more secure about my craft as they, little by little, are scoring higher as I work to achieve the goals I seek - to stand out and be recognized as a quality and professional photographer in this very competitive artistic field."

Ana Montgomery ~ Professional Photographer ~ Burbank, California
"Hands down, photography is complex. Mastering this art requires extensive studying and practice. When I embarked on this journey, I never expected what was in store. After learning the basics of photography, I wanted my skills to grow beyond just knowing how to use my camera and taking a decent shot. I desired the ability to create a 'wow' photo in every project I worked on. This requires considerable knowledge and wide-ranging experience to be able to produce jaw-dropping results in a variety of unforeseen circumstances. I elected training by Ramiro Cervantes to guide me in achieving the results I was looking for and to go beyond just the basics. He taught me vision, unique lighting techniques, composition, framing, posing, and a variety of other tidbits that has made my photography no longer just 'ordinary' but EXTRAORDINARY. I had many 'aha' moments during my one-on-one training. If you are looking to improve your photography art and take your projects to the next level, I highly recommend Ramiro Cervantes as a mentor. I am very pleased with the results and you will be too."
Michelle De La Vara  ~ Professional Photographer ~ Hacienda Heights, California
Workshop Testimonial
"As most of us photographers do in the beginning we struggle learning things that seem 'too difficult or complex' like when it comes to lighting or off camera flash and use the excuses, 'I’ll fix it in Photoshop'. I’m guilty of it and I’ve paid for those mistakes plenty of times. Looking for inspiration I looked on various social media, google searches and found images that were mind blowing from this 'Ramiro Cervantes guy' and would think to myself, 'He’s a Photoshop King'. Then I followed him on Facebook and he showed a behind the scene video to one of his shoots and I watched over and over again. His lighting techniques, his posing of the model/subject then the behind the camera pictures and at last the final result… Mind blowing!!! He was getting it right in camera!!! I knew then and there I want to learn from him. I have never seen anything like it, to be able to produce profound images right in camera is amazing. I reached out to him and found out he was coming to my home town of Houston, TX and I attended his workshop. He told us from the beginning he was not going to hold anything back and he was true to his word. What I learn from him surpassed my expectations and now I’m producing consistent and higher quality work. He taught me how to search for light, create light and create images that not only look good but transcend to anyone that views the image. To see my work before attending Ramiro Cervantes workshop compared to the work I produce now, I have jumped leaps and bounds to the quality of images I am now able to produce. I am confident in the knowledge I have learn from Ramiro and his encouragement have push me to new levels. Knowledge is power and to become great you have to learn from the best. Ramiro is a true master of lighting and each of his images are masterpiece that speak for themselves and are a reflection of the knowledge, techniques, and quality of work that Ramiro produces. He is a fantastic Teacher, Mentor, and Photographer. It is a true honor to learn from him."

Tony Chicas – Professional Photographer - Houston, Texas
Client Wedding Testimonial
"We are so happy with Ramiro Cervantes Photography. They did an amazing job. They all showed up on time, prompt. All their work was great. They made us feel very comfortable. We were extremely happy with their work. They went above and beyond with their work. We highly recommend them. They were awesome. We highly recommend them. They make you feel at home and at ease. We are very happy and pleased with their work. Thank you guys for everything!" ~ Crystal and Edgar Toriz, Corona, California
Ramiro Cervantes Photography Testimonial
Client Wedding Testimonial
"There is not an exact word to say how we felt when we saw the images. It was an impact not just for us but for the family. Everybody was amazed. They were wonderful pictures. Beautiful setups. We are talking about from picture #1 to picture #1000. Everything was 'on point'. He did an amazing job not just working with us but with our families. Setting everybody up. Everything was stress free. He captured the best moments. The quality was beyond what we were expecting. We were beyond amazed..." ~ Freddy and Liliana Torres, Huntington Park, California